Student Life

Student Council Constitution

Article I – Name and Purpose

The name of the organization will be the “West Hollywood Elementary Student Council”.

It shall be the duty and power of the student council to:

  • Propose and pass legislation that is considered important to the student body.
  • Raise and spend funds
Article II – Meetings

Meetings will be held every Wednesday during lunch unless a special meeting is called by the President or Advisor

Article III – Membership

All students enrolled in 3rd – 5th grade at West Hollywood Elementary are eligible for membership.

Each member of the student council shall be able to cast one vote in each voting situation.

Article IV – Elections and Qualifications for Office

The student council shall hold an annual election. The voting will take place during homeroom, by secret ballot.

The candidates must have a minimum overall grade point average of 2.5 and have satisfactory citizenship and attendance.

Article V – Club Officers and Duties


  • Preside over all meetings of the student council.
  • Represent the student council at all school and school district meetings where this representation is appropriate.
  • Preside at all student body assemblies or authorize someone to do so in his/her place.
  • Vote in student council


  • Serve as President if the president becomes unable to fulfill his/her duties either temporarily or permanently.
  • Support the President.
  • Lead the flag salute at all student council meetings, student body activities, assemblies, or authorize another member of the student council to do so in his/her place.


  • Maintain complete and accurate record of all student council receipts and disbursements.
  • Oversee fund-raising efforts.
  • Supervise the preparation of the student council budget.


  • Maintain accurate minutes of each student council meeting.
  • Carry out all necessary correspondence for the student council.


  • Record all student body activities through photography.
  • Publicize activities on school bulletin boards.

Class Officer

  • Support all student council activities, fundraisers, and officers.
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