Disciplinary Policy

West Hollywood Elementary expects its students to attain developmentally appropriate academic, social, emotional and problem-solving skills. A step in that direction is our school’s discipline policy.

By following the plan, students will find that the climate of our school will be one of mutual respect, where students can learn to accept and work with students and staff members of many diverse backgrounds.

School Rules

1. Be Kind

2. Be Responsible

3. Be Respectful

4. Always be safe.

In order for your child to do his/her best, the parents and the school must work together. With discipline and self-control, your child can be successful and enjoy school.

Children are expected to follow our school discipline policy. The consequences listed below will be used when our students do not adhere to them.


If students choose not to follow the discipline policy outlined above, the following consequences will be applied:

• Teacher and student conference.

• Teacher and student conference with a note sent home for parents’ signature.

• Teacher, parent and student conference to develop a plan of action.

• The student will be referred to the office to conference with the principal

• Teacher, parent, student and principal will conference.


The Los Angeles Unified School District has a zero tolerance policy, which will lead to an automatic recommendation for expulsion for the following acts:

• Possession of firearms

• Brandishing knives

• Sale of drugs

• Sexual assaults

Any act of violence can result in the suspension/expulsion of a student. Other reasons for suspension/expulsion are the following:

Threatened, attempted or caused physical injury to another person.

  1. Possessed, sold or furnished any firearm, knife, explosive or other dangerous object.
  2. Possessed, used, sold or furnished; or been under the influence of any controlled substance, an alcoholic beverage or an intoxicant of any kind.
  3. Offered, furnished or sold any substitute substance represented as a controlled substance or intoxicant on any kind.
  4. Committed robbery or extortion.
  5. Caused or attempted to cause damage to school or private property.
  6. Stolen or attempted to steal school or private property.
  7. Possessed or used tobacco/nicotine products.
  8. Committed an obscene act or engaged in habitual profanity or vulgarity.
  9. Offered, furnished or sold any drug paraphernalia.
  10. Disrupted school activities or willfully defined the authority of school personnel.
  11. Knowingly received stolen school or private property.
  12. Violated bus rules.