Technology Mission Statement

West Hollywood Elementary School utilizes state-of-the-art technology to personalize the educational experience of our students by developing critical thinking and problem solving skills through project-based learning. We will redefine and transform the way students learn and communicate in the 21st century by promoting innovation, creativity,  and collaboration.

Technology Vision

We effectively integrate technology as a learning and information sharing tool to:
  • Provide flexible and interactive student-centered learning
  • Give students a voice and choice in attaining their learning goals
  • Provide differentiated and personalized learning opportunities.
  • Implement the 4 C’s of the 21st century learning framework–collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity.


We will…

  • Provide an equitable learning environment to foster academic achievement in meeting the state standards.
  • Develop information literacy to empower staff and student learning to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to be productive citizens in a global society.
  • Educate students to communicate effectively and express their ideas.
  • Educate students to make ethical and informed decisions.
  • Create a professional learning community, which provides training and staff development opportunities that develop skills and support innovation.
  • Use resources efficiently and strategically to ensure productivity and fiscal responsibility.
  • Encourage staff and students to use the technology as a way to extend learning outside the classroom walls during traditional school time.


  • To improve equity of access to technology
  • To improve the quality of learning through the use of technology
  • To institute and support best practice in technology integration
  • To improve student higher order thinking skills and the learning of content
  • To institute formative assessments and differentiated instruction
  • To increase performance on standardized tests
  • To improve student ability to become lifelong learners

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