Our Vision

All members of West Hollywood Elementary School actively participate in a learning organization that puts children first, supports their families and provides the opportunity to engage in work that is linked to state standards and student success.  We believe that all students can achieve academic and social success regardless of their economic, ethnic, cultural or linguistic background.  Communication between teachers and students is supportive and encourages the free flow of ideas and prospective.  Everyone at West Hollywood Elementary is dedicated to educating the leaders of tomorrow.

A decade ago our school faced the challenge of declining enrollment and stagnant academic growth and was in dire condition.  In the last six years we have become a school sought after by neighborhood families and community members due to our academic gains and wealth of enrichment opportunities.  Key in our enrollment growth is our continually rising API , which is currently 932.

We attribute this growth to elevated academic and social expectations combined with dedicated and engaged participants who strengthen our instruction, maintain our momentum and solidify our purpose.  We believe that working together in the spirit of leadership, our school has achieved our current academic standing.  As a result, all of us are experiencing the great joy of seeing our students perform at this higher level.

We are glad you have chosen West Hollywood Elementary as a place of interest. Committed and dedicated, our staff and community have come from a site lacking enticements to a school welcoming all who expect great things.  We look forward to having your family join our family.