Mission Statement

West Hollywood Elementary School inspires life long learning in a responsible and enthusiastic environment created through our partnership with students, families, and community

All of us at West Hollywood Elementary School; students, teachers, support staff, parents and community members, are dedicated to educating the leaders of tomorrow. Together we are proud to uphold a rigorous and challenging learning environment rich in diversity, celebrated in achievement and filled with possibility; a school where all of us learn and achieve great things.

Each and everyone is engaged in our mission and vision which, above all, places children first; their safety, health, Social-emotional well being and high-level academic achievement are paramount in every decision and in every action we undertake.

Collectively we encourage the free flow of diverse ideas and perspectives that inspire innovation and hold that all children, regardless of their economic, ethnic, cultural or linguistic background, will achieve not only academic and social success, but reach their maximum potential while they enjoy being a really great kid.

While here, please spend some time exploring our school and take a look at the great experiences and services we offer.

Fall 2016 Letter from Principal Pannell –
News, updates and more

Welcome back!! I love being the Principal of West Hollywood. We have amazing students, dedicated and expert teachers, and caring parents who give a tremendous amount of time and resources to enhance the lives of each student.

We hope that you have had a wonderful summer. We are very excited to get the year underway. The office staff has been working tirelessly inputting students into classrooms and teachers have been eagerly preparing for the rush of students.

As we begin the school year please know that we value each student. We go to great lengths to ensure that each student is properly placed with the “right teacher & classroom”. Our instruction prepares, motivates, and provides students with the skills and experiences necessary to excel throughout our globe. This is reflected in our 2015-16 state assessments. I am excited to tell you all about our impressive gains at Back to School Night in September.

Our academic focus this year is in the areas of: Writing, Science, and Math. We will target CA Anchor standards for Listening and Speaking, and Problem Solving. (You may obtain a copy of the standards from the main office upon request). I am truly proud of the work that we all do for our students. I look forward to the great experiences that this year brings.

Here are a few updates and reminders to assist us all as we head into another terrific school year.


We are extremely proud of all students at WeHo. I want to give special thanks and congrats to our amazing teachers and students for their excellent efforts in this past years California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASSP). These scores indicate students who are at and above grade level standards.

MATH 3rd
Grade 92% ELA 3rd Grade 92%

MATH 4th
Grade 83% ELA 4th Grade 87%

*Math 5th
Grade 56% *ELA 5th Grade 70%

*Extremely difficult exam for 5th grade students

You can download grade level standards to see what to assist your child by going to: and


Please welcome Joanna Hartman (Kindergarten) and Josabel Holgado-Paredes (2nd Grade) to the WeHo family. We are thrilled to have them on our wonderful team!


Welcome, welcome, welcome!! We are so excited that you have chosen WeHo as the place to educate and raise your child. We believe that this is a very special place where amazing opportunities happen daily for all students. Whether your child has entered as a TK student, or a 5th grade student, please know that this is your home and value you.


The purpose of homework (HW) is to reinforce concepts and skills taught in regular school day. Homework is to be completed independently and without assistance. We do understand that students will occasionally require some assistance in the way of explaining and elaborating on homework assignments. Participating in homework gives children responsibility, perseverance, time management, self-confidence and feelings of accomplishment.

  • Homework will be completed in the classroom with the guidance of each instructor for the 1st (4) weeks of school. This will help to ensure that all students understand how to complete assignments independently.
  • Homework will be written on the board each day. Students will copy the HW from the board to increase responsibility and independence.
  • Time Requirements for Nightly Homework (by grade level):
  • K – 10 min
  • 1st – 20 min
  • 2nd – 20 min
  • 3rd – 30 min
  • 4th – 40 min
  • 5th – 50 min
  • Nightly Reading – reading is in addition to homework assignments
    • Kindergarten – 2nd –  20 minutes of nightly reading
    • 3rd – 5th –  30-40 min. of nightly reading
  • Homework is due every Friday morning
  • Students will be given planners/agenda books to write down all class information.


Come to me and talk . . . if you have any questions, concerns, contributions etc. come to me and let’s talk!


The majority of students are placed in classrooms based on teacher recommendations. The criterion for placement is academic achievement and social development. The Principal reserves the right place any child in classrooms at any time during the school year. There are no requests for class changes within the first 3 weeks of school. 


Benchmark and Interim Assessments are administered to students approximately every 6-8 weeks. Classroom Assessments will be assigned by teachers at the end of each week or at the conclusion of chapter or unit. Assessments and classroom assignments will make up the majority of student’s grades.


  • Please bring your child to school everyday and be on time
  • Make medical and dental appointments after 2:00 PM the end of school
  • Make sibling medical and dental appointments at the same time.
  • Try NOT to vacation during the instructional school year 


We will be designing our Apple Innovation Plan this school year in preparation for applying to be an Apple Distinguished School. The designation of distinction/merit lasts for 2 years, then, we must reapply. There are 8 elements that the school and community will design:

  1. Vision
  2. Team
  3. Community
  4. Measurement
  5. Student Learning
  6. Professional Development
  7. Environment
  8. Financial Sustainability

*If you are interested in becoming involved in the Apple Innovation Plan, please contact me. We would love your participation.


All students are encouraged to wear our school uniform. (Blue bottoms and a white or blue top) Students may wear “spirit wear” on Fridays and free dress on the last Friday of the month.


Students may bring cell phones to school, but they must remain in their backpacks during instruction (unless the use of a cell phone is for instruction).


  • Students are not to use the office phone without permission (the use of the telephone is for emergency purposes only)
  • The office will no longer store student’s lunches at the counter. Please have your child bring a lunch or have your child buy a lunch from the cafeteria.